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Arts In Mind offers a high quality packing and crating service.
Whether you need a cost effective case crate or a crafted traveling
crate, we have the experienced team to do so.

Each crate is custom designed and constructed for the individual object.
Crates are constructed with complying with international guidelines and restrictions. Our crates are constructed with hand-selected wood going
above industry standards. We use quality controlled products for all of our packing and crating.




Hanging Systems & Packing material supply

The aluminum railing is very high quality and “made in Germany” durable and can be removed and reused easily. It is coated against corrosion and easy to be painted, hence can adjust perfect with the wall color.

For the different types of frames, sizes and weights there are various sliders, hangers and hooks to choose from.The aluminum railing comes in different surfaces:

Silver frosted with a slight structure, white undercoat to be painted over with any color, and Glossy White.The railing is 22 mm high and comes in two lengths: 195 cm and 300 cm. It can be easily cut with a hacksaw or extended with a special railing connector.

1. track end caps white and silver

2. sliding stopper for roof oblique

3. track snap weight max. 7 kg

4. track connector

5. small steel hook weight max. 2.5 kg

6. regular steel hook weight max. 5 kg

7. mini magic hook weight max. 5 kg

8. hook for aluminium frames weight max. 5 kg

9. heavy duty hook weight max. 7 kg


Acrylic Box for 3d

Coming Soon

Acrylic Pedestals





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